How to have a successful Martial Arts School?

Simple recipe to having a successful martial arts school

  1. There is NO competition. Your journey to your success is yours and yours alone, in your own pace. Let everyone have their own journey in their own pace.
  2. Make your own reputation through your skills and knowledge. Give credit to where credit is due, but not “name-drop” every chance you get to show people you know famous people.
  3. Avoid talking about mysticism, secret forms or techniques that is only given to a selected few. If you want to keep your style or system a secret then don’t teach it.
  4. Be open minded, not judgemental about arts we don’t know or don’t train in.
  5. Promote those martial artist or martial arts systems that are good. Not because you want them to promote you back but because it shows that you appreciate quality and their dedication to their training.
  6. If your way of promoting yourself is to talk bad about other martial artist, system or style, then STOP it.
  7. Focus on your training and people will be attracted to knowledge and skill.
  8. Don’t be known for your bad mouth or bad attitude.
  9. Train hard. quality attracts quality.
  10. Don’t try to impress beginners or weekend instructors.
  11. Train because you want to be a complete martial artist that knows what he is doing, not a jack of all trades but a master of none.
  12. Be positive.

Taken from a Facebook Status by Guru Maul Mornie of Silat Suffian Bella Diri


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